Surefire Ways to Position Yourself as a Valuable Partner to Your Top Clients

  1. Share elements of your business plans, if your clients are business owners they will appreciate your entrepreneurial spirit and may be supportive in your growth.
  2. Connect key relationship where there maybe an opportunity for them to collaborate. This will give you significant leverage to them and each of their networks.
  3. Be an ally in periods of uncertainty, everyone experiences periods of uncertainty whether in business or personal. Be seen as a reliable neutral partner that clients can confide in. You will earn a high level of trust.
  4. Offer your resources to clients in transition, it is important for every Advisor to establish a solid network of diverse professionals that you can bring to your clients when required. Whether for their personal or business needs.
  5. Always remember your commitments to your clients and stick to them, never ever lay seeds of doubt, whether for lack of service or professionalism.
  6. Set reasonable expectations. A good approach is to under promise and over deliver everytime.
  7. Clients are humans too, from time to time they require some positive reinforcement. However, they look to you as a professional and some constructive criticism can go a long way.
  8. Exhibit patience! Be empathetic to them during situations that are sensitive to them.
  9. Make an attempt at every chance to dig deeper and learn about their personal interests and family relationships. When they perceive you as a dependable partner they will open their network and family to you.
  10. Fix issues immediately and send them a handwritten note acknowledging the issue and what you’ve done to rectify it. Apologize if necessary
  11. Ensure that clients are satisfied with your team members. If your associates or assistant interacts with your clients, be sure stress the importance of high quality client service every time.
  12. Demonstrate that they are valuable to you personally.

One last thing, be humble.

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