Your clients ONLY Care about 5 things!

  1. TRUST. Referrals for example are often considered a sure thing, why? Because trust already exist, your client must have a high level of trust in you to allow you to manage their affairs and that of the people most important to them as well.
  2. The value you offer, you demonstrate expertise by offering solutions that solve their unique problems.
  3. That you are skilled enough to ask the tough questions that are important to their wellbeing. Your clients want to be understood.
  4. You are well informed. I’ve probably had more calls from clients curious to know more about Bitcoin and Cannabis in the last few months than anything else. It was definitely important for me to understand the nuances of these to have intelligent conversations around. A great skill set for every Advisor is to have good general knowledge and be informed about what is top of mind to clients.
  5. Access to you when they need you the most. Let’s face it people are super connected now all the time. Clients are too, you should be there where they are as well.

This topic was covered in an excellent podcast from Top Advisor Marketing, available here.




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