20 Tips to Strengthen your Wealth Practice Today



  1. Understand every motivation that drive your clients decisions
  2. Use lay concepts that your clients/prospects can relate to when talking to them so them can tell others.
  3. Contact every client once a month, trust me it may seems like a lot but, someone else will if you don’t
  4. Offer big value to your clients friends, and always send thank you notes for introductions
  5. Don’t just ask for referrals, you must be referable
  6. Always plant the seed to be more to your exiting clients, many of them are also dealing with another advisor or another professional who is out to get your business
  7. Create an ideal client profile and use it
  8. Find ways to be social with your clients and their network. If your client is involved in a charity, support it they will proudly talk about you.
  9. Get your clients talking and complaining to you not other advisors
  10. Give your client referrals in their businesses, try to me a matchmaker in your network whenever possible. You will be perceived as a influencer.
  11. Build a huge prospect list around your existing clients
  12. Name drop, its easy to name drop when you are prospecting within your clients affinity groups.
  13. Always offer second opinions
  14. Advertise to your client’s affinity group.
  15. Write articles for publications related to your clients affinity groups.
  16. Make more friends with your clients friends, join their social groups.
  17. Volunteer at their charity or community events.
  18. Take a client to dinner once a week.
  19. Connect with and interact with clients on LinkedIn
  20. Offer timely insights that can be shared, when there’s heightened market volatility offer some reassurance, it will go a long way.


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