Be Seen as an Accomplished Advisor by Writing

Advisors Who Write More, have a higher probability of gaining access to the Wealthy. Because they are seen as thought leaders, considered authentic and perceived as accomplished professionals.

The edge in writing is not necessary in the amount of written work, but the observed quality and usefulness of each piece.  

Where to Write, LinkedIn is definitely the one of the best platforms to publish meaningful content. Your website or blog is another great way to share your ideas, one good idea often overlooked is reaching out to other accomplished bloggers or online news magazines with an established readership to submit periodic articles. Submissions like this are powerful as they help to build your brand, but the added benefit is that your voice is heard by a new and potentially larger audience.  This approach may take a little effort, some networking may be involved and you would have to demonstrate to the platform that you are capable of producing good appropriate content and are not just using their platform to sell your wares. On the other hand LinkedIn is easily accessible to you, and as a professional you already have a LinkedIn presence, so publishing is an obvious next step to growing your professional network. Using LinkedIn to publish articles once a week can drive valuable contacts your way as well, it is after the largest professional network on the planet.

Writing an article once week can be a helpful exercise to your marketing efforts in other ways as well and it does not have to be a complicated process. One of the greatest benefit of writing is that it really helps to articulate your overall message, overtime your message becomes clearer and your published work whether on LinkedIn, your own blog or a submission to an online magazine, these pieces of content will become a great reference point in your marketing campaigns.

Here are a few simple points to get your writing machine up and running:

  • Keep a running list of interesting topics that are both timely and relevant to your audience. Perhaps even bookmark other great articles and content that you’ve found to be intriguing  and important to your audience. Having a good idea board or reference alway comes in handy, so you won’t have to spend much time brainstorming new ideas.
  • Establish a writing method that works for you. Most professional writers spend a large amount of time researching a specific idea. They then create an outline of their story, identifying the key ideas of the story then build a structure around these ideas to tie the story together.
  • Writing content comes easy once the research has been done and a story structure is established. However your content must be well written, so take some time to use the right layers, this is where you as a professional really get to add your personality to every story, this is where you get to separate yourself as authentic.
  • It’s critical to always review and revise your work before putting it out. Look for better way to say things, choose words and phrases that your readers can resonate with. Remember good grammar and punctuation is essential if you are going to write, it’s a good idea to get someone else to review your work as well.
  • Write in a place that inspires you, this may seem a bit cheesy, but it works. Keep in mind if you’re going to write once each week, you’ll want to make the process as efficient as possible, so writing with the least distraction is the best way to breeze through your work in minimal time.
  • Offer important, well articulated messages consistently. Your publication each week should be set around an idea that is important and timely, one that your audience is interested in. If you write great content, it will be shared, this further cements your position as a thought leader amongst your clients and prospects.

Since few Advisors take the time to write, this simple undertaking can bring considerable rewards to your professional profile and your Advisory practice.



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